The Digital Transformation Cycle

January 10th, 2019 |
Anders Hansen

Everything about us is data. The way we dress, the products we buy, the way we spend our free time, the people we communicate with on a daily basis - it all tells us something about ourselves. And with the advent of social media in an age where many of us are connected or have access to a connection for most of our waking hours, our data is also a valuable commodity.

Recent history has shown that the companies that can use this data in the right ways are the ones that break through the barrier of relevancy and manage to connect with people in real ways.

Examples include the way Disney has marketed the Star Wars-franchise to become a cultural icon, or the way Google has expanded its public profile and now permeates large parts of our lives because of usability and function.


  1. There’s no easy or simple path to that success and
  2. There is no one-step solution

It is a continuing process of evolution and adaptation that builds over the long term - a full Digital Transformation of every aspect of your organisation. New business models, new processes, and new technologies.

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We believe in the power of data.

Our platform is based around the digital transformation of businesses through user information and the insight you gain from observing your target audience. With insight comes the ability to adapt your strategy, the communication techniques and pathways you use to deliver your message. Used correctly, your strategy leads to a better experience for your users, who will keep coming back and grow an attachment to your brand, thus creating value for your organisation.

And, with a powerful data-driven solution at your core, you can repeat this process and keep evolving and keep growing by transforming based on ever-changing user context.

The key is making sure your business is as connected as your users.


Not only is data the most important aspect of a digital transformation, you also need the right data. You need data that cannot be found elsewhere, unique data that can be converted into reliable business intelligence. Data that goes beyond traditional user tracking, that can actually tell you something valuable about the kinds of people you want to communicate with.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” 
Charles Darwin


The Complete User Journey

When a person visits a website, there are any number of steps they take that tells you something about their tendencies or personality. But is it all useful data?

There are many tools that will tell you something superficial about your visitors, but to delve deeper into their wants and needs, you need the context that can only be provided through a platform such as Aesir.

Detailed, valuable user information such as:


  • The kinds of referrals and keywords that lead users to your site
  • Geographical location of the visitor and contact details
  • Whichever company or organisation is associated with the visitor
  • Tags that describe the sector or market of the company or organisation
  • The engagement level of the visitor - a special metric based on how the user interacts with your site and when they leave


This is the kind of data that you would gain naturally by providing a helpful and meaningful service to a customer in the real world, but it is mostly out of reach in the digital world.

With this kind of data at hand, you will have the insight to be able to make more informed business decisions regarding your customers and how to build your strategy going forward.




With the right insight, you can speak directly to your customers. You now know what they want to hear, how they engage with your product, what they like and what they don’t like.

The task is to then adapt your strategy based on this insight, to identify areas that work better than others and to differentiate your communication - one message might make a big difference for one user, but you have to think bigger than that.

Think Like Your Users

Communication is key - the central part of any marketing strategy. But it is also limited - you can conduct market studies and thorough analyses, but these methods are also largely theoretical and can produce adverse results. This tends to lead to a lot of “safe” and broad marketing that may come off as impersonal.

We believe in creating strategies that are long-lasting and ever evolving. Using the kind of insight you gain from a context marketing platform, you can rethink the way you communicate - it is actually quite simple.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” 
Seth Godin

Aesir not only provides the insight you need to evolve your strategy, but also the integrated tools that can put that strategy in motion.


  • A full omnichannel solution - ensure that your customers can engage with your product in whichever way they want and create a consistent experience across all channels.
  • Test your insight - figure out what works best through methods such as A/B split testing and by providing proper Call-to-Action modules.
  • Differentiate your target groups through your collected insight and narrow down your messaging to the right audiences. With a more directed strategy, you get better results.


By utilising the capability of a context marketing platform, it is possible to transform the entire way you think about your customers and how you communicate with them.

The correct insight leads to the right strategy - a user-centric methodology that promotes a better experience.




The experiential keyword we use at Aesir is “meaningful” - essentially, if your visitors have a meaningful, memorable, and overall pleasant user experience, they are much more likely to be converted into customers.

But it isn’t just about converting them; it is also about retaining them and developing new ways to increase loyalty to build a stronger virtual relationship.

The Missing Link

"When creating content, be empathetic above all else. Try to live the lives of your audience." 
Rand Fishkin

Ask yourself the question: What is missing from the user experience you provide? Maybe you lack the data to pinpoint the exact element? Or maybe you know exactly what you are missing, but implementing it would require a larger redesign or new technologies that you do not have access to.

At Aesir, we prioritise flexibility and having the creative freedom to fulfil your vision - users that have a consistent, meaningful experience will end up coming back and will end up converting.

Aesir is Built to be Rebuilt. If you discover through your strategy that the majority of users respond better to a specific colour or composition of your front page - change it.

Since every part of an Aesir site is built with modules, moving them around, replacing them and adding new functionalities is a quick and simple matter.

Personalise your user experience

Think about what you would do if you had the ability to basically do whatever you wanted with your website.

Consider that you are no longer bound by technical shackles and are able to know as much about an individual user as you can in the real world. And consider that you are able to communicate with them on their terms and respond to their exact behaviour and requests.

It is through this process that you create loyal web customers and reduce the rate of people who exit your site a few seconds after they enter. Or, at the very least, you have the ability to find out why it happens and then do something about it.

It is a much stronger foundation for turning potential customers into paying customers, creating value for your whole organisation.


The real payoff of a digital transformation is not just better results that lead to increased revenue. Yes, that is also important, but an equally crucial factor is how you strengthen your value chain. All the different processes and models and strategies come together, so you don’t have an economic strategy with a different goal than your digital strategy - just a strategy.

Now, everything is connected.

"Companies that get confused, that think their goal is revenue or stock price or something. You have to focus on the things that lead to those."
Tim Cook

Digital Transformation into Context

If you want to survive and grow in a heavily fluctuating modern market, you have to be able to evolve and adapt your business models and technologies. A digital transformation is more than just a one-step solution - it is a full circle solution.

And it does not stop there. The point of a cycle is that it keeps continuing unabated. No matter how much times change, context will remain the key to good storytelling, marketing and sales. If you focus on that context, you are better able to evolve and create lasting success for your product.

It is about keeping an open mind, constantly, and we at Aesir have created a platform that supports this, that allows you to keep the cycle running indefinitely. As trends and tastes change, you will gain new insights about the way people engage with your product, which you can then use to form new strategies, leading to even further evolved user experiences that facilitate persistent value.

You can't read the future with your own eyes, but you can get a glimpse of it it through the eyes of your customers.

We can help you with that.



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