Think Like Your Users - The Cross-Channel Paradigm

August 9th, 2018 |
Anders Hansen

Channels are a vital element when building any online marketing or service strategy today. “Channel” refers to the way a product or service travels to the end-user, both in terms of marketing and delivery.

We’ve already talked about omnichannel and multichannel marketing, but cross-channel delivery is what binds them together and makes it possible to communicate with your audience regardless of platform or social media network.

Everyone has their preferred way to interact with a website, be it on a PC browser or a mobile phone or by going through their recent Facebook posts.

If you want to build a successful cross-channel strategy, you need to accommodate the preferences of your customers, not the other way around.

Most businesses base their marketing cycle around products, services, or events they themselves want to market to people, but we believe the smarter strategy is to flip that on its head - base your marketing cycle around each customer’s wants and needs to build brand loyalty.

Anticipate their desires and speak directly to them, that’s how you can keep them coming back and back and back.


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Cross-Channel Orchestration

Depending on the size of your audience, it becomes highly important to actually understand the differences in marketing to the various segments of your target groups.

Good cross-channel delivery is all about being inclusive and analyzing the effectiveness of each channel to find out what works for which users in order to increase your ROI.

We have identified four different aspects that we think are essential to a good cross-channel platform:


Having a uniform design sensibility across every channel helps strengthen your brand and make every channel more approachable to whomever might visit your site.

With Aesir’s modular frameworks, you can easily customize every aspect of your website’s design to fit a specific style, and then change it across every version of your website at will.

This is possible across multiple sites and languages - if you wish to build a strong international brand, consistency is even more important.


If a user starts an interaction on one channel, they should be able to continue and finish that interaction through one or more additional channels. If they add a product to the cart through a webshop on a PC, they should be able to finish that purchase on their phone later in the day.

Aesir is fully responsive and supports any kind of device for a completely seamless user experience across channels.

We also feature a powerful ecommerce suite that can hook directly into your current systems and streamline information and functionality across every channel.


Being able to accommodate new channels and trends. New social media platforms arrive on a frequent basis, and users want more integration without it being intrusive.

Aesir has access to a wide variety of plugins, being built on an open source foundation. We are able to add virtually any new functionality or adapt any API that you need to work with or want to support.

Aesir is also Built to be Rebuilt, allowing you to totally reconfigure your website to accommodate new trends.


Knowing and collecting data about the channels that users choose to interact with. Arguably the most important part of building a successful cross-channel strategy.

If you do not know your users, you cannot speak to them in their language.

Aesir aggregates every piece of information about a user’s journey to your website: where they come from, what they interact with, when they leave, and then supplies you with the statistics. We provide you with a tangible engagement rate on each piece of content or media, so you know exactly what works and and how well.

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The Nerve Center of Your Brand

Though your website is just one of the many channels that your users can interact with, there is value using it as the central repository of all your content and information.

Even if your website is not the primary channel that users choose to interact with your brand, channels need to spring from one location to avoid confusion and maintain brand consistency.

All paths lead to Rome after all.

Integrate Your Social Media Strategy

Having a strong website that is able to manage every channel flowing from it is a luxury that most do not have, however.

Maintaining a dozen or more different social media accounts, each with different restrictions, formats, image sizes, and functionalities (or lack thereof) is an extremely time consuming process if you want to keep your marketing consistent.

To combat this, we have integrated social media functionality into our Aesir Context Marketing platform.

Using Aesir, you can manage your cross-channel strategy from one centralized interface, whether you want to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or send out newsletters, etc. And with our advanced data tracking, you know which channel sees most activity and gives the better responses.

Your strategy needs to be reliable and it needs to be active. Our social media publishing form allows you to plan ahead through your website, scheduling social media posts far in advance from a central location so your marketing does not miss a step due to illnesses or vacations.

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Optimisation Through Understanding

Lack of data is often the biggest struggle that marketers face. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough of it to create a personal, meaningful user experience for every user. And any inaccurate data can be actively harmful to your brand.

Consolidating every aspect that goes into cross-channel delivery and combining it with data collection is a hugely powerful tool for any business.

Understanding your customers is what allows you to speak to them in their language and refine their user experience. Uncover new insights and open a dialogue to learn about their wants and needs.

When you know your audience through Aesir’s Customer Intelligence tracking, adapting to the cross-channel paradigm, creating a natural dialog with each customer, and evolving your brand to the next level from one single, connected platform is within reach.


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