The next generation of Context Marketing

A cup of marketing expertise and a dash of Viking makes a disruptive context marketing solution that can grow your business and brand.

It all started with an insightful observation

While developing web solutions for our broad range of clients, Ronni noticed a common challenge; an overwhelming use of tools and platforms used to maintain companies' digital solutions, resulting in a lack of overview and thereby a decreased ability to work efficiently with their online strategies.

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The Ever Evolving Digital Market

The market is changing rapidly. Visitors and search engines expect more and more from our sites. It is no longer enough to have con-tent. It must be personalised, contextually relevant content.

Most companies miss online growth since their sites are untouched for half a year or even longer. To obtain digital success, it is necessary to continuously renew and optimise a site.

We Set Out On a Mission

It started with a challenging idea and an insightful observation. With a broad perspective on customer needs, profound technical knowledge and understanding, Ronni and our team started building a contextual marketing platform. The goal was to make strategic, personalised marketing easier, while holding on to the idea of a site in continuous growth.

Conquering Market Shares

Initially, our partners have had great success deploying Aesir, great success because Aesir offers technology and usability beyond the present market. Focused on behaviour responsive-ness, data-driven approaches and optimisation tools, Aesir offers an all-in-one tool to any company or organisation trans-forming their new digital future.

Ronni K. G. Christiansen

Founder, CEO

We are determined to craft unique user experiences & highly functional solutions, therefore we decided that Aesir should be available only in an always upgraded version, meaning you will never find yourself or your clients stuck in old versions or behind expensive migrations.

Growing Together

Aesir is crafted to inspire and built to be shared with digital entrepreneurs in any country all over the globe. By bringing partnerships that grow together, we will change the digital world one partner at a time. Always upgraded, always growing.

Let's grow together!

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What individual users say

  • Digital transformation shifts the mindset from supply to demand through context marketing.

    Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
    Founder, CEO
  • We build platforms, products and experiences that transform businesses and help them thrive.

    Jim Vestergaard
    C.S.O & VP of partner channels