Aesir MailFlow

Customise your notifications and scheduling and apply specific rules to bookings and events.

Create Beautiful Mail Campaigns

Aesir MailFlow, like other Aesir components, is connected to all other parts of Aesir and allows you to set up custom rules for how mail flows through your various systems.

For example, connect it to Aesir Events, and you can setup quick notifications or full campaigns relating to specific events and courses. If a user signs up for an event, they can be automatically notified about any scheduling changes, any further practical information about the course, and if they signed up for a beginner course, they can be notified about advanced courses at a later date.

The advantage is that everything is automated. No matter what type of system or site Aesir MailFlow is integrated into, it’s quick and easy to create new rules and modify old ones for fully automated mail campaigns.

Aesir MailFlow can also hook into your newsletter system and can be customised for any purpose - send out new mails after a certain amount of clicks and retarget interested leads. Use it for ecommerce purposes by sending out reminder mails to users that have unpurchased items in their shopping carts - virtually anything is possible.

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