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Our Partner Program is designed to help you increase you and your clients’ revenue and generate success stories with ROI-centric marketing.

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Aesir is built for fast and easy deployment and intended to be shared with digital entrepreneurs across the globe.
We are looking to partner with businesses that share our vision for the future of digital marketing.

Evolutionary All-in-One Platform

Join a selection of leading web providers working with an agile omnichannel and context marketing platform that is always upgraded and always evolving. Develop great experiences in an intuitive design space that provides creative freedom without technical limitations.

Facilitate Growth-Driven Results

Deliver tangible, reliable, and repeatable results using a learning process that brings you closer to your clients. Aesir provides the insight you need to make educated decisions that continually improve you and your clients' websites for higher ROI and better results going forward.

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Mobilise your business by cooperating with Aesir's skilled partners. With a team of experts at your back, you can focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. We offer a network of possibilities and resources that you can use to make an impact for you and your clients.
Joe Sonne,CEO at Joe Sonne Marketing
"With Aesir, I can provide my clients with a truly innovative platform and feel confident that we can produce definite results and create enduring partnerships. Together, we continue to impress wherever we go."

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Content Partner

Are you an advertising or marketing agency with the ability to supply and support your customers with content production, online strategies, and marketing methods like A/B split testing?

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Solution Partner

Are you a web or digital agency with a team of developers and marketing professionals who can facilitate every step from workshops to content creation and implementation?

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