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We work closely with our partners to provide continued support and a personal approach that cultivates long-lasting relationships.

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The Aesir partner program is designed to ensure
a commitment to quality throughout our network

We provide ready-to-market finished material to help you promote Aesir.
Additionally, we offer top of the line services and support.

Brand materials

Get access to everything we use to market Aesir worldwide. We provide extensive materials to help spread the message of our platform and help you communicate with new leads and potential partners.


The Aesir partner program provides access to dedicated resources that our partners can use to optimise their sales and marketing strategies. Sales examples, presentations, brochures, news materials, and more.


Get a direct line to our skilled support staff for any help with integration, education, or if you want to open up a dialogue with other fellow partners. We stand ready to provide dedicated assistance for whatever you need.
Joe Sonne,CEO at Joe Sonne Marketing
"With Aesir, I can provide my clients with a truly innovative platform and feel confident that we can produce definite results and create enduring partnerships. Together, we continue to impress wherever we go."

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