Scale and Personalise Your Websites in Real-Time

September 9th, 2018 |
Anders Hansen

Personalisation is the talk of the town in marketing right now, but not every business has the means to follow the fold in every way. Maybe you have a personalised email or social media solution through a marketing automation service, but what about your website or web shop?

There are many factors involved in the personalisation process, and even if a business is aware of the importance and benefits of personalisation, getting to the true end point may be out of reach due to technlological or strategical limitations. 

But there are clear benefits of implementing personalisation into every aspect of your product. Among other things:

By 2018, organizations that have fully invested in all types of personalization will outsell companies that have not by 20%.

Source: Gartner

Personalisation - read the introduction here


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Personalised Digital Experience Management

The ability to create personalised customer experiences is highly dependent on the platform you use to build your websites or shops. Digital Experience Platforms such as Aesir can handle this in many different ways - with a large array of possibilities and a focus on ease of use.

Aesir is first and foremost about personalised web experiences. The Aesir CMS forms the core of the platform, but it is about much more than just content management. Every individual component is linked and working together, forming a connected environment where engagement feeds into content, business intelligence feeds into ecommerce, and so on.

Every component has the built-in means for automatic, real-time personalisation. Through analysing user behaviour, Aesir presents the right content to the right person at the right time for optimal conversation rates and a quick ROI.

It doesn’t matter which type of website you run or want to run - because everything is integrated in Aesir, it is also completely scalable to whichever purpose you require.

Examples of Aesir Sites

Among other projects, Aesir has been used for:

  • Smaller B2B and B2C web shops
  • Local public works websites with complex self-service functions and private networks
  • Simple portfolio sites
  • Larger transportation, maritime and logistics sites
  • International B2B webshops with their own production systems
  • Course booking portals
  • Multi-year EU projects with full GDPR compliance

Personalisation is hugely impactful for every one of these types of sites because every visitor is looking for something different. The key is to accommodate their wants and needs in a seamless fashion, to give them exactly what they want to see, when they want it.

This is what Aesir does, automatically, and in real-time. Through our many years of experience servicing clients, both large and small, we’ve seen time and time again that personalisation is the way forward, which is why it’s a core component in the way Aesir presents your content.

See how the world's largest manufacturer of playgrounds uses Aesir Context Marketing

The Results of Personalisation

The benefits of personalisation are many, and these are some of the features that Aesir is built around.

  • More positive and meaningful user experiences - avoiding irrelevant content
  • A consistent experience - no matter what channel a person uses to visit a website
  • Greater retention rates - visitors will return more often if they have a good experience
  • Higher average time spent on your website - through more relevant content
  • Increased conversion rates - with personalised CTAs
  • Diversified brand messaging - you don’t have to rely on limited one-size fits all marketing

Keep Your Eyes Ahead with Aesir

The more successful you are at creating a positive atmosphere that reinforces and responds to personal needs and avoids dislikes and irrelevance, the more successful your website is, and the more you will get out of your content or products. This is a universal rule, regardless of the type of web experience you wish to promote.

And once you’ve personalised your current content, you can then keep building on what you’ve learned to create a cycle of personalisation that feeds into every aspect of your digital presence, allowing you to optimise not just one part of your strategy, but all parts in one going forward.

That is why Aesir websites are a cut above the rest.


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