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    Omnichannel e-commerce & Context Marketing platform

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The Challenge

Facing a number of administrative challenges such as an outdated, overly complex ecommerce solution limiting accessibility, as well as a lack of interconnecting processes, KOMPAN wanted a custom-built solution to update and integrate new functions to support international growth.

The Solution

KOMPAN’s web shops contain more than 1.000 products and 11.000 variants, each with their own attached data statistics. Aesir disseminates all this information across 21+ international sites, feeding into KOMPAN’s production and ERP-systems for an optimised value chain going forward.


KOMPAN is a market leader in playgrounds and playground equipment with international branches in 20+ countries across the world.

International growth

With a presence in 20+ markets across the globe and growing, KOMPAN uses Aesir’s built-in tools to manage and localise their data across many international sites, as well as standardising roll-outs when expanding into new markets. Kompan.us

More than just PIM

To support KOMPAN’s global development, Aesir PIM is integrated as the central management hub for all product and corporate information. The system automatically distributes data to each site, ready for translation to maintain brand consistency. Visit the KOMPAN webshop

Integrated DAM

At the centre of KOMPAN’s new platform lies a powerful Aesir DAM-system; a common repository of digital assets shared through the cloud, reducing time and costs of content production and making sure every local site has access to the same resources. See KOMPAN's many projects