The Key to Successful Content Management

May 17th, 2018 |
Anders Hansen

From C to E

Web Content Management is the cornerstone of any business that wants to retain a relevant and active online presence in today’s market. Tech evolves, customers evolve, trends evolve, and you need to evolve with them.

You need to provide an optimised, flexible experience, an experience that stays with your customer, an experience that turns to engagement. Engagement is what will grow your business and propel you forward, bolstering your brand against the winds of change.


Web Evolution Management

It is crucial that your digital platform is able to withstand and respond to changes in tech and new design trends. Never, ever stand still. One of our key focuses is to make sure our clients also don’t. This is why, regardless of when you integrated your Aesir solution, it will remain Always Upgraded at no additional charge.

No website lasts forever in today’s market. In fact, many businesses redesign their sites on a yearly basis to keep up with the evolving needs of their users.

Something as simple as swapping a few elements can make a big difference to the way users feel about your site. Aesir templates are built using custom fields that can be moved or changed at a moment’s notice, reshaping the entire structure of a page by shifting around each element, making it quick and easy to reinvent your online brand in response to current design trends or new functionalities.


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We call this "built to be rebuilt"

To accommodate the inevitable move towards globalisation for a thriving business, Aesir is also designed to support:

  • A multitude of different languages across the same platform using a connected interface
  • Managing multiple sites from one account
  • Geolocation allows you to customise your site depending on where users come from

It’s all about meeting expectations. The tools are as important as the hand that uses them. Aesir continues to evolve as a platform, and we have access to a growing assortment of flexible plug-ins that can be customised to provide virtually any function you require. Let us know, we will work hard to figure out a solution, or invent one, if need be.Aesir Experience Management 02

Web Experience Management

Usability is one of the main factors shaping the content management space. The web, both front end and back end, is used by a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, and only a small segment of them can be considered IT professionals.

This does not mean you should underestimate your users, because they are also more tech savvy and connected than ever before - the challenge is to provide simple tools to manage complex systems.

Above all, be consistent 

A good user experience needs to provide users with the things they want before they want them; intuitive design and expected functionality, regardless of which device they use to interact with your product. Keep your look on-brand and responsive across pages or even sites within your portfolio.

Today’s technology allows you to follow a visitor’s full experience using in-depth data, but putting this data to use is the hard part.

Your user experience should be the focal point of your website, otherwise you are wasting valuable resources for no gain. Aesir tools give you the ability to:

  • Analyze the behaviour of any user visiting your site
  • Fine-tune every aspect of the visitor’s journey through your site
  • Use this data to deliver your content in the most engaging and personalised way

Be aware of what happens in real-time, everything your users do when engaging with your website can tell you something about them or where they come from. This is key to knowing your users and optimising their experience. We make it easy for you to see the areas you can improve on, because improving your user experience is a science, not guesswork.

Aesir Experience Management 03

Web Engagement Management 

What if you could easily aggregate everything you know about your users into a simple metric, allowing you to quantify user engagement in a way that makes it easy for you to improve it? With Aesir, the dream is a reality.

Managing your individual customer engagement levels is a completely new concept for a content management system, and Aesir specializes in it.

For example, if data suggests that your user Ronni prefers items that are coloured red in your web shop, you can increase the chance of conversion by showing him more items that are red. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem, but you need the data to support your strategy.

If you take these detailed user metrics, apply them to your product through the Aesir platform, and increase your user engagement levels, that is a proven and effective way to increase your potential conversion rates. Imagine, if through engagement management, you could increase your conversion rate by just 1%, and how much of a difference that would make to your revenue.

This is what Aesir does best

That also goes beyond your own website. Because of Aesir’s focus on simple design and brand consistency, deploying an omni-channel marketing strategy is an easily attainable goal. A seamless experience across all channels gives you more control over your messaging, providing a direct line to making your voice heard and making your mission statement clear.



Aesir Experience Management 04

The Rebirth of Content Management

At Aesir, we embrace our Nordic roots. The Twilight of the Gods, Ragnarok, is the endless cycle of change that rebuilds our world and forces us to start over. This process is often inevitable in the world of web content, with new technology and new paradigm shifts that can be incredibly difficult to keep up with.

But we are ready for it. We built our platform to withstand the changing tides, and we constantly evolve our own content with a focus on experience and engagement. That is how you build loyalty and a strong brand that can weather any hardship and come out the other side unscathed or even stronger. At Aesir, we believe change is inevitable, and we welcome it.

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