Knowing When Your Best Clients Want to Buy From You

December 7th, 2017 |
Kasper Kjerulff

The hunt for new clients often leave existing ones stuck in a blind spot for marketers. This strategy makes little to no sense at all, because the effort it takes to attract a new client is not worth the cost compared to what you gain by targeting clients that are already known.

In short, the benefits of nurturing existing clients are potentially much greater than just making a sale, leading to:

  • Higher ROI and increased revenue over a longer period of time
  • A developmental approach instead of a sales approach
  • Gaining new clients through word of mouth or social selling

In this piece, I will show how your website could become your most powerful tool to curate existing clients needs and discover their pain points before they evolve into real problems.

Know your clients’ data

Your existing clients are also your best clients because they have already converted. If you are currently using an analytics tool like Google Analytics, then the data you use to build your strategies is more than likely gathered from your existing clients.

They have all visited your site, made a purchase, triggered some kind of marketing flow, received an email, etc., leaving you with all the data you need to know that client well.


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Collecting and examining the right data is crucial, because it is the foundation that makes you able to identify a client’s growth potential and personalise your content or actions specifically to them, as Noah Elkin from Gartner describes in this blogpost

Become the no.1 development partner of your client's business

You know your client’s business, or at least you have the ability to get to know it. This enables you to identify real business development opportunities. Furthermore, you have the ability to identify what it is that makes your client’s business successful, as well as what that success means for them.

Most importantly, you are able to know if they are ready for further business development.

It’s worth spending some time to try and understand what this knowledge gives you.

Think about it from the perspective of your own business - what if you went from just selling upgrades to pitching new ideas and visions and working together with your clients to help them grow?

The benefits are vast and clear:

  • You grow together with every client you treat this way
  • You get to know them better and better
  • You are able to deliver better solutions

Since you have set out on a collaborative mission together, you are not likely to be replaced, thus making it worthwhile and profitable to think about more personal solutions and building tighter relationships with each of your clients.

A side effect of this strategy is that your client becomes your no. 1 lead generator, since CMOs, CEOs and other leaders tend to follow and network with similar personalities sharing advice and seeking insights (This is what drives LinkedIn).

If your client is happy and a real fan of the service you provide for them, they will recommend you, which naturally puts you in a top spot for new clients.

Think about it, if you are looking for a plumber, who would you call first? The one your friend recommended, or someone you found using Google?

Get to know your client's concerns

As a service provider for your clients, you could just sit and wait for them to file bugs and issues into your reporting system or email folder. But if you do that, you won’t get to know your clients, and eventually they might find someone else to report their bugs to. Because on a basic level, that is what you are to them after you’ve delivered your product: A system for reporting bugs and issues.

The other option is to be more proactive and have an ongoing dialogue to build a relationship around the specific issues that concern the client.

Aesir will help you with that, because most of the information you want lies in the digital footprint your client leaves when they are visiting your site.

The difficult task is to identify the right touch points and combine the data from their digital footprint with the information you already have from knowing your clients’ business - and when to make the right call or visit to help them step up to the next level.

Find the magic in the combination

By itself, a client's digital footprint will just leave you with meaningless statistics, like time spent on your site or numbers of sessions. On their own, digital footprints do not trigger any goals and may only work as soft KPI targets, if any at all - normally this comprises most of your traffic by far.

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Up to 90% of your clients will enter and exit your page without clicking on a single CTA or converting to a single goal, and you are not able to engage them further in any way.
The magic is in the combination of data and knowledge


But with Aesir, you are able to collect and combine all behavioural data from a visitor’s digital footprint to build a powerful knowledge base, and easily take action based on the knowledge you’ve gained.

In short, Aesir Context Marketing enables you to identify the touch points and patterns of any visitor who enters the website, and it enriches and combines that data. Even the ones who don’t download your white papers, sign up for emails, enter webinars or buy your products through the web shop.

Aesir helps you identify and store any visitor pattern and make changes based on new tendencies and goals.

The right Information to the right person at the right time

As an example of how to gain leads from an existing client’s pain points; let’s say someone from your client’s company shows a certain pattern of visiting pages like new products and upgrade solutions or the support and FAQ pages and so forth.

That tells you something about their needs, and you can then set up Aesir to notify the Key Account Manager connected to that client.

The point is that a lot of the hard and inefficient work that goes into preparing for a client meeting could be automated and made more effective with Aesir as your core digital platform.

Your sales staff will always be well-informed about clients’ behaviours and wants, they will have a good idea of when they would like to be contacted.

You might say that Aesir is able to take the guesswork out of the sales equation and directly respond to client pain points before they even know they want you to solve them.

The next step

This is just one way to use Aesir Context Marketing - to identify what a client wants and take direct action according to their demands. This article is merely for inspiration.

Another way to use Aesir is to make your website greet your clients personally when they enter, and make any CTA on the website specifically targeted to that client’s business and industry.

The key is to be creative about the way you use and combine data. Connect your data with your current knowledge about your customers, and you are already way ahead of most of your competition, or at least the ones who haven’t moved to Aesir Context Marketing yet.

Want to know all the benefits?

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