How Aesir Excels at Content Creation

August 10th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

Content is the lifeblood of anyone looking to create a strong and lasting brand. It might be a cliché, but it is also an unavoidable truth.

A steady stream of engaging marketing content - whether it be ads, advertorials, guides, listicles - keeps your users coming back. But it also needs to be honest and deliberate; if your name doesn’t have credibility, your content will be ignored.

Think of yourself as a mediator. You, as a person on the inside of a brand, have an opportunity to convey important and useful information that users would otherwise not have access to. 

As mentioned, a lot of clichés might still have truth to them, but most of them also go without saying, so if you want to be a good content provider, you need to rely on more concrete, useful information to really attract an audience that is engaged and loyal. 

So, let us get into what actually matters: The creation of meaningful content and what you do with it.

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The Power of Context

Of course, there is no lack of content on the internet. It is relatively easy to churn out 5 -10 broad-reaching articles every week, but that won’t matter if it isn’t meaningful content. It is very difficult to say something that someone else has not said better and more concisely already.

So, figure out what your own strengths are and what it is you are able to provide that is uniquely appealing to your target audience.

Remember that unless you are already a market leader, it is quite often more valuable to reach a smaller audience with a more engaging message than a larger audience with a broad message that isn’t as likely to convert.

“Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant.” - Ann Handley


Niches matter when building up a brand.



In order to avoid getting lost in the vast sea of content, you need context that will allow you to identify pain points that you can help alleviate, these are the places where you can really make a difference.

But what does context mean in practice?


  • Sales and marketing need to be on the same wavelength. If your salespeople are getting different requests from their prospects than what the marketing team provides, that’s a larger problem that needs addressing.

    Knowing exactly what your prospects want should change the entire way you create content, because it means that every one of your teams will have access to the same data to work from.

  • You are a resource. Your users come to you for information, to overcome a problem or a challenge they are facing. Knowing how to help them is key, and you won’t realize exactly what you need to provide unless you have the proper context.

    It is about knowing why people are visiting your website or contacting you, and then knowing what you can do to solve their problems.

  • Content combined with context gives you an authoritative voice and lends your brand the credibility you need to elevate your message.

    You aren’t just trying to sell them something, you genuinely want to help them and you also have the means to do so with your product. This is something people will remember.

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What Aesir Does

The reason that there often exists a division between marketing and sales is because the salespeople are typically the only ones in direct contact with their audience.

One of our biggest priorities with Aesir was to remove that gap using data-driven marketing technology. Aesir automatically disseminates user behaviour and presents it as an engagement metric that is easily understandable and above all, transparent.

All content in an Aesir solution is driven by what we call items, which serve as the building blocks for your website as a whole. Items can fit in essentially anywhere depending on sort type of content type or category you assign to them. Designate an item as an article and it will automatically slot into your news section, designate it as a feature and it will find its way into your features section, etc.

So what can you do with items? For instance, say you are creating a blogpost. You need a topic that potential prospects will care about.

If you are out of ideas, check which pieces of previous content have had the highest engagement ratings and build on that. Each item has its own attached analytics so you can quickly see what the response has been.



Speak to your audience

Detailed user statistics on each item allow you to segment and identify the types of users to a minute degree, making for more accurate persona creation. If you have an idea of who is going to read your article beforehand, your message can be much more direct and effective.

Personalise your blogpost with calls to action

Make sure that the right people see your content. If you are targeting a geographic segment, make the post stand out more to those users. Include calls to action targeted at specific industries, customise the SEO towards distinct markets.

Distribute your content internally

Aesir items also allow you to set up custom publishing workflows, so if you want to share your article across multiple international sites, you can automatically distribute it to the involved editors or social media people, making translation smoother and faster.

Share your content

This is where Aesir’s cross-channel capabilities come in handy. You can cross-post your article across any attached social media channel automatically, and you can measure the conversions to see what channel your audience prefers, all built into each item.

Monitor your prospects and react

There are any number of things you can learn and gain based on the people who interact with your content. Aesir can be integrated into your CRM system, allowing you to manage prospects with particularly high engagement ratings and set up event listeners that notify sales staff based on users that are likely to convert.



Everything is integrated

Aesir contains all the tools needed to establish the perfect baseline for content creation. Learn what grabs your audience's attention and start an open dialogue with them. Raise awareness of your brand and generate better leads. Then distribute your content smartly and efficiently.

Best of all, you can do all this from the one connected interface, individually customised to each item for the maximum ROI. A symphony of all processes working together in unison with fully integrated, user friendly and easily understandable tools that bridge the gap between your marketing and sales strategies to create one uniform strategy.

This is what Aesir excels at, and that is not just a cliché.

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