Become an Aesir Solution Partner and Make an Impact

December 19th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

Aesir partnerships are about empowering each other. We empower the partner, the partner empowers the client, and the client empowers the Aesir platform.

This is the core philosophy behind our Partner Program - to create sustainable, long-term growth by providing a feedback loop that generates recurring value for all parties. Read more about the Aesir partner program

With Aesir, partners grow together.

Delivering the right solution

Aesir features three partner types, the Content Partner, the Integration Partner, and finally the Solution Partner.

Today we’re talking about the Solution Partner - who comprise the backbone of the Aesir Partner Program.

As a Solution Partner, you will be able to:

  • Deliver highly flexible solutions with a short time to market and competitive pricing
  • Increase revenue with a yearly recurring partner income
  • Expand your operations with a large market share potential


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What is a Solution Partner?

Solution Partners handle the technical side of Aesir installations. Depending on the size of the partner, they may have their own marketing and sales department that can facilitate delivery to a client.

Some of our Solution Partners are able to handle every step of the way from workshop to strategy and content creation to implementation.

If your company doesn’t have a marketing department or if you work with a limited amount of dedicated clients, you will be able to gain leads and cooperate with our Content Partners to deliver a complete and full-scale solution.

Being a Solution Partner requires experience with and in-depth technical knowledge of web development.

Solution Partners are typically web or digital agencies with a team of developers that are skilled and experienced in the technical implementation of a new platform. 

Read more about Content Partners

What’s in it for me?

You will be a trusted provider of a platform that delivers exceptional results through a connected and innovative feature set that provides every tool needed to reinvent your entire digital strategy based on tangible user data.

As a Solution Partner, you will be able to:

Help Your Clients Grow Their Businesses
Aesir offers many capabilities beyond the scope of other solutions in its price range, and it remains flexible with regard to any external integrations that may need to be implemented. Aesir already natively supports more than 200 components.

Generate Recurring Revenue
Depending on how many Aesir solutions you are able to deliver or help implement, you will see consistent dividends on a yearly basis. The more you deliver and the more experience you have with fulfilling projects, the more leads you will gain through the Aesir Partner Network.

Certify Your Developers as Aesir Developers
Once your development teams have enough hands-on experience and can be considered experts, you can certify them through the Aesir training course. As a certified partner, you will be able to take your services to the next level and gain more benefits.

Join a Global Partner Network
The Aesir Partner Network is filled with resources and materials you can use to aid you when creating Aesir project proposals. You will also be able to connected directly with other partners and, in the near future, sell your services through the Aesir marketplace.

Build Lasting Client Relations
As a trusted Solution Partner, you will know more about the specific needs of your clients and be able to offer exclusive support and other services to them via their Aesir solution. Lasting partnerships is what Aesir is all about.

Become an Aesir Solution Partner


Some of the current Aesir Solution Partners


CNP Integrations

We are here to achieve results and solve problems. We start by listening and learning about your company and what drives you to do what you do.

With this insight we are able to create value by filling organizational gaps and integrating with your people, processes and technologies in a meaningful way best with deb development, programming, design, technical support and strategic marketing.



redWEB specialises in full circle web solutions with an expertise in both B2B and B2C ecommerce, as well as marketing automation.

With years of international experience, we deliver advanced and innovative solutions at any scale or complexity - with great proficiency in open source development. We number more than 80 employees based across the world and stand ready to implement any Aesir project.


Full partner list


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