Introducing the Aesir Integration Partner

November 17th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

The Aesir Partner Program is ever-expanding, and today we are proud to announce our new partner type: Integration Partners.

To complement our Content and Solution Partners, Integration partners are businesses with expertise in either custom or open source integrations for their clients. 

An Integration Partner will typically work to integrate external systems into Aesir, both for other partners and clients. For example making ERP and CRM systems interact with Aesir's already flexible codebase for an enriched value chain.


Key benefits of becoming an Aesir Integration Partner:

  • Take on bigger, more complex projects with a platform built for scalability
  • Perform a valuable, ongoing service for your clients with Aesir Always Upgraded
  • Generate predictable annual partner income and secure stable growth



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The Aesir Partner Program

We are looking to partner with businesses that share our vision for the future of digital marketing. With a team of experts at your back, you can focus on what you do best and outsource the rest. Join a network of possibilities and make an impact for your clients, and for the other partners who have already signed on.

Why become an Aesir partner?

  • Generate success stories for you and your clients with ROI-centric marketing
  • Join our Partner Network and share knowledge with skilled Aesir partners
  • Deliver repeatable results through a process that brings you closer to your clients


Aesir is all about data - it automatically adapts content to the context of your users. With Aesir, you will have access to every feature you'll need to transform businesses and help them thrive.



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