The Benefits of Being an Aesir Content Partner

December 15th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

The Aesir Partner Network is rapidly expanding, and we’ve already begun sharing some of benefits of Aesir. The Aesir Partner Network is designed to facilitate sustainable growth, both for the Aesir platform, but also for each individual partner.

We call this Growing Together.

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We’ve introduced the Aesir Integration Partner, but what about our other partner types? In this article, we will present the benefits of being an Aesir Content Partner, what it entails and how you can help other partners grow together with your business. 

As a Content Partner, you can:

  • Deliver an accessible world class Context Marketing solution to your clients
  • Build lasting client relations through knowledge about their needs
  • Generate a predictable annual partner income for stable growth


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What is an Aesir Content Partner?

Simply put, Content Partners make up the marketing side of an Aesir partnership. It is typically reserved, but not limited to, advertising or marketing agencies with the ability to supply and support their clients with content production, online strategies, and various marketing methods such as A/B split testing.

A Content Partner typically drives parts of the workshop, wireframing, and design process in a project, whereafter they can hand the project over to a Solution Partner who will be in charge of the implementation process.

A Content Partner may have frontenders on their team to help with the design and content process, but in-depth backend knowledge is necessary when implementing an Aesir solution. The Aesir Partner Network is designed to help our Content Partners find the best match quickly, and if further specialised integrations are requested by the client, we recommend seeking out an Integration Partner.

Read more about Integration Partners.

What’s in it for me?

As a Content Partner, you will be a top provider of Aesir Context Marketing and be in a position where you can supply your clients with a future-proof and highly flexible platform that is Always Upgraded and proven to increase revenue for both parties.

More specifically, you can:

Extend your capabilities
You are able to provide clients with products and services that may be outside your typical project scopes. Aesir is scalable to any size and supports any kind of integrations a larger partner might require such as ERP, DAM, and advanced ecommerce.

Grow your business
Because you can extend your capabilities, you are able to take on bigger, more complex projects to develop your business, allowing you to gain experience with completely different types of clients than you might typically deal with.

Continual support with a network of experts at your back
The Aesir Partner Network already covers any kind of support you might need should there be ideas or concepts that lie outside your specialty range. We also provide additional sales and marketing support.

Recurring revenue streams
Depending on how many solutions you are able to sell, you can grow your revenue exponentially and generate a predictable annual partner income. You will also gain more leads from other partners who may need your assistance.

Build lasting client relations
You are already knowledgeable about your clients’ businesses, and with an Aesir solution you can speak directly to their needs. If you build a tighter relationship with your clients, you are able to nurture them in the long term, making you less likely to be replaced.

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Some of the current Aesir Content Partners


Bureau Kraken

We work with ambitious SMBs who want to achieve growth but are frustrated with the ROI from their current online activities

We create strategic plans, boost traffic and generate leads!
We do this because we love technology and data, and we especially love to make marketing a game of ROI instead of a game of cost.



Joe Sonne Marketing

You need online tactics that support your business strategy. That’s what we do. We build web sites and powerful online applications using Joomla!

We're good listeners. We hear what you have to say and use our experience to provide solutions for the things you want to achieve. Let's work together and do some great things!


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