Prepare for the GDPR with Aesir

February 14th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

Are you ready for the GDPR? Here's what you need to know

Back in 2011, the EU adopted a directive giving individuals the right to refuse the use of cookies tracking their online presence. This resulted in the implementation of cookie banners across a massive amount of websites.

On 26 April, 2016, the EU passed the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Any business or organization that stores privacy information inside the EU will be required to further increase the transparency of their cookie use, as well as implement stricter security measures, by 25 May 2018.

The GDPR will apply to every country in the EU, as well as the UK. If you run a website that collects and logs user data for the purpose of marketing or statistics, GDPR will affect you. 

What is the GDPR?

Every business and organization in the EU affected by the GDPR needs to prove that they are capable of providing the right security measures to protect user data. Users also need to have more control over the data collected from them.


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In practice, this means that any website handling and storing private information, for example via cookies, needs to take the appropriate precautions in the event of a data breach or leak, as well as increase the amount of consent requests if the information is used for marketing purposes. 

The required precautions include:

  • All data collected needs the explicit consent of the user, for example by multiple opt-in queries corresponding to every type of cookie on your website
  • Any public authority, or any business whose core activities involve the monitoring of private data (e.g. marketing/insurance), need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to report any breaches or security leaks to the authorities within 24 hours, necessitating expanded logging and reporting systems
  • Users retain the right to be deleted at all times

The regulation will take full effect on May 25, 2018. By this date your business has to live up to these requirements.

How you need to prepare for the GDPR

To meet the requirements of the GDPR, a number of changes need to be made to three aspects of your business or organization:

Legal changes: Updating your legal texts and notifications, privacy policies, and any sort of user agreements you already have in place. You also need to account for how long you are allowed to store data.

Technical changes: Implementing new opt-in protocols on your website, allowing users to access their info as well as change or delete it. If you use multiple types of cookies (marketing, statistics, technical, etc.), users need to accept them one by one.

Organisational changes: Any employee who handles private data needs to be identified and properly trained in the new regulations. They need to be able to respond quickly to any issues and report them to the authorities or, if the business’ core activities involve monitoring private data, to an attached DPO.



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How Aesir can help you prepare for the GDPR

On 10 January, 2017, the EU sent out a press release further detailing some of privacy rules that will be implemented in 2018. One notable clarification is that non-privacy intrusive cookies, or “functional cookies,” do not require consent from users to be collected. 

Aesir is a revolutionary context marketing platform that dynamically adapts the user experience based on how visitors engage with your website. We have designed a solution that can specifically help you prepare for the GDPR:

  • Aesir stores data internally via functional cookies, allowing you to collect all the data you need as well as logging it. This reduces the risk of security breaches, and you will not need to provide additional opt-in protocols on your website, making for a smoother user experience
  • Aesir also supports external tools, for example if you have an ecommerce solution. Aesir Cookies easily allows for the implementation of proper opt-in protocols if they are needed, and will automatically save and store explicit consent, streamlining the process
  • Aesir is able to automatically log any issues or breaches by monitoring selected processes, and notify the DPO if needed. Aesir will also allow users to delete their data automatically using the “Delete Me” feature

Aesir can avoid or automate various aspects of the GDPR process while simultaneously collecting all the data you need to build your marketing strategy or personalise your user experience.

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Using Aesir, you will be able to implement a variety of features and processes to help you meet the requirements of the GDPR and maintain the proper protocols going forward. 

You need to prepare for the regulation now, so feel free to contact us for an open discussion about your available options. 


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