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February 20th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

The keyword is context

Marketing is hard work. Online marketing is especially hard work. Old methods are dying out, banner ads and pop-ups are all but extinct in terms of effectiveness. Every single channel on the internet is a constant bombardment of information from all sides, and users are revolting against it, blocking ads, unsubscribing, deleting apps, turning off notifications.

In general, people have experienced a great loss of trust in advertising due to the interruptive method making for a bad user experience. So, what if you could interact with people outside of an ad?

Today, a brand image is often built by people themselves on top of your own marketing messaging, either by word of mouth, using your product to connect with someone else, and through the various forms of social media, both positive and negative.

The context of these interactions is what determines how people respond to your product. Context marketing is essentially about building trust, being non-intrusive, and engaging people on their own terms.

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Why use Context Marketing?

If Content Marketing is about attracting users through a valuable catalogue of material that is worth reading and engaging with, Context Marketing is the next step up from that. Why do users find that content worth reading? How do they find it? When do they want it? The simple phrase to describe context marketing is:

Delivering the right content

To the right people

At the right time

Context Marketing is about closely examining the wants and needs of your target audience and providing them with positive, relevant, and personalised messaging in order to build a virtual relationship.

Think of it as the digital version of running a physical shop, for example a clothing store. If you are the proprietor of a clothing store, you have the ability to directly engage with customers – ask them about their preferences, how their day was, what they do for a living, and personally help them pick out a product that is just right for them.

Due to the impersonal nature of the web, this dynamic is impossible to replicate exactly, but the idea still has an immense amount of potential.

What if you are able to convert more users by personalising the way they engage with your website? Speaking to them in their language, making it easier for them to find products of a specific type or colour, customising your site depending on where they enter from.

There are many ways in which you can engage with your users without having to interrupt them or rely solely on the strength of your content. Building trust is a two-way street, and you are ultimately responsible for how users perceive you. But what is the right content, who are the right people, and when is the right time?

The right content

Context Marketing goes hand in hand with Content Marketing. You cannot and should not try to fool people. Generally, consumers are more well-informed and in tune with their own preferences than ever before, so if you are too aggressive or use the wrong messaging, you will only turn people away. The right content is about:

  • Speaking to your users’ wants and emotions in a personal way
  • Providing meaningful utility that is long lasting and able to attract new users
  • Giving the users a persistent incentive that makes them want to keep engaging with your product

The right people

Know the people you want to speak to. If you have no idea who your users are, their lifestyles and motivations, it is impossible to speak to their wants and needs. You have to go deeper, discover their tendencies and engage with them in order to build a relationship. The right people can be found by:

  • Monitoring user engagement levels on your website to find out how they use it
  • Providing proper Calls to Action so you can give users an easy chance to demand what you supply
  • Creating effective user personas so you can relate your questions to a source

The right time

Using Context Marketing, you are able to communicate with users at the exact moment they are most engaged with your product. It might not even be before they buy it, but also while using it and in the future. Do not just stop engaging after they have made their purchase. Finding the right time is a matter of:

  • Analysing behavioural data to cut through the noise and respond when visitors are most open
  • Careful planning and not being too aggressive
  • Building a long term strategy for a converted visitor to keep them engaged

aesir infographic

Introducing Aesir – The next generation of Context Marketing platform

Aesir Context Marketing is a revolutionary platform that enables you to show the right content, to the right user, and engage with them at the right time and context. Aesir is designed to track user behaviour and adapt based on how they engage with your website, where they come from, and how they want to use your website going forward.

In order to maximise your potential return on investment, stepping into the future with context marketing is the way to go. Content marketing as we know it, just don't do the trick in the near future when users want to interact with your brand and content more naturally and in the right context.

So, if you want to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by engaging with your audience with the right content, at the right time and in the right context, start using a contextual marketing engine like Aesir.

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Create a fusion between marketing and user experience. Establish an interaction cycle that evolves and grows and is not one-sided. Upend the way you think about interacting with your target audience.
Context marketing is the future of marketing, and we are here to help you take the next step into that future. 

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