Aesir Events

Reinvent your booking management using context.

Optimise Your Booking

Aesir Events is a robust event and booking management tool incorporated into Aesir. It is built for both large and small scale event planning with an unlimited amount of venues and participants.

A focus on usability, along with the behavioural responsiveness of the base Aesir Core, allows for insight into the way users interact with your events. Using general tendencies and patterns, you can optimise every landing page for the individual user, for example based on location or industry.

Events are fully customisable, allowing for multiple sessions in one event, full control of roles and user access, and member pages where businesses can manage their internal employee events.

Aesir Events is a fast and easy method of optimising booking and event management with an intuitive and inviting system without hassles for either the event manager or the user.

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