Natural Selection in the Digital Era: You Adapt Fast or You Die Fast

August 30th, 2017 |
Kasper Kjerulff

As transformation is a process of discovery, businesses setting sail towards digital transformation often realise that their digital platform is the weak spot.

When taking the drastic evolutionary steps needed on the path of transformation, they often find that their current platform is unable to support the new strategic and operational wants and needs.

If you want to make sure that your business doesn't find itself trapped in that situation, it is crucial that your platform is able to support:

  • Easy and fast adaption to changes
  • Unlimited personalisation
  • Unique and usecentric content creation

The Most Important Task is...

The trend towards digital transformation is going to move forward at an even faster pace over the next few years. The digital world is constantly evolving and, alongside it, user behaviour.

We probably don’t need to emphasise the importance of this, but really, it is the most important task of every business right now - to embrace the digital transformation and adapt to the world of tomorrow or become extinct.

Every potential customers in the digital world is part of the demand generation. They are expecting brands or businesses to embrace them individually or they will move to a competitor who will. It really is that simple.

But the Good News...

Some of the brands we work with are, at this moment, moving forward at a previously unseen pace. With Aesir, they are actively experiencing the benefits of transforming into a fully digital business - all across a wide range of industries and at very different stages.

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This shows us that digital transformation is not industry-specific, and it shows us that it is not too late to embark on a voyage of digital transformation to meet the obstacles and challenges every business will be facing in the near future head on.

But before all sails are set, we found that a lot of companies were struggling with two key elements that impeded their digital transformation journey:

1: They needed the right guides to see them through the process, and 2: They needed the right technology to support all aspects of the new strategies developed to meet audience expectations, both now as well as 2, 3 or 4 years in the future when they have changed.

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Unlimited Personalisation and the MarTech to Nail it

Digital transformation is all about personalisation and how your audience wants to be treated. Whether your goal is to sign visitors up for a newsletter, write comments on your facebook posts, or visit your website, all visitors want to be treated as an individual with meaningful content in the right context.

This is why one of the most important tasks of a company in the preparation stages of a digital transformation journey is to make sure that their platform supports future demands of their audience.

Of course, the future is impossible to predict, and so are future demands, which makes every investment in a new digital platform a high risk move. Every currently made decision can only be based on present data and knowledge. 

Even if you have invested in a strategic forecast and are keeping a close eye on digital trends, no one knows exactly what the future brings, and yet that high risk tech investment has to be made if you don’t want to fall behind.

The key to minimising risk in this dilemma is to make sure your digital platform is flexible - built to be rebuilt, quickly and easily, so that you are able to make drastic design changes on a day-to-day basis.

That way, the platform will always be able to meet changing tendencies and demands of any audience, now and in the future. Change the look and style of your site, change the CTAs, the product information, etc. - in short, change the entire user experience as the audience also changes.

The ones who nail this will win the day. Whoever is winning the day, every day, is going to take over the market. 

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Unique and usercentric content creation

You probably already know this and your clients do as well. The “why” is more important than ever. Businesses are selling products, but they are also selling much more than that. Your clients’ businesses are, whether they like it or not, a part of a collective brand identity. Not only their product, but them, as a company, as a story.

If customers love you, they will tell their friends, and if they hate you, they will tell their friends that as well.

What they love or hate is not only a product, but also business philosophies and practices, and how a business chooses to interact with their clients.

Think about it - how is your business changing the lives of your clients, and how are you connected to them?

That is why one of the most important tasks of the digital age is to tell great stories about your company and your clients - intelligently and with emotion. Every client and costumer want to feal special and will only engage with your brand if they feal that you are paying attention to them, and is engaging them in a meaningfull way.

content creators need to tell unique and usercentric stories that involve their audience

It is key to their work that they are able to track the performance and engagement of their stories and manage the content easily across platforms and channels. This goes for both you and your clients.

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Readiness to adapt fast and easy

The habits and expectations of your clients' customers change rapidly like anyone else, and what they wanted yesterday is not necessarily what they want today or next week. That is why the focus of doing business now and in the near future has to be on fast and easy adaption.

First of all, companies have to be able to know and understand their customers' habits and how their behaviours change. Furthermore, they have to be able to use that knowledge and react to such changes. Recent studies show that this is among the biggest concerns of CEOs in modern companies.

It is a common problem, because it is hard to spot behavioural changes with most widely available analytics tools. And it is just as difficult for many businesses to react on that knowledge and bring data into action on a day-to-day basis. You might say that a wide range of companies are going into battle with the right arm disconnected from what the left arm is doing.

That is why a whole new type of digital technology is expected to change the entire life cycle of businesses around the world. This technology has one goal, and that is to help businesses grow, with the use of easy personalisation and adaptation based on data and facts. It is disrupting the digital world as you read this. It is called Aesir and it will change how companies do business in the future.

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