Hear This: A Guide to MarTech 2017 in Boston

September 26th, 2017 |
Kasper Kjerulff
We are taking Aesir to the MarTech conference in Boston next week, partly to seek inspiration and to check out what is going on.

What to check out and why?

At MarTech, almost every speaker is interesting from our point of view. And since we can’t be at multiple places at the same time (yet!), we’ve had to do some hard work choosing which talks to attend.

We’ve made a guide of interesting talks that we will (hopefully) attend in between the conversations with agencies and possible partners - as you’ll see, most of the talks have something to do with personalisation, digital transformation, AI, or other new technology.


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Setting the stage by the opener

Thriving in a World of Rapidly Changing Marketing Technology
Marketing-Led Digital Transformation, Inside & Out
Reimagining Marketing's Golden Triangle: People, Process & Technology

Tuesday morning’s headlines tell a story about why we are looking forward to the opening day. Rapid change and digital transformation in the B2B market are the areas in which we tend to help companies thrive.

The Rise of AI in Marketing
AI is slowly but certainly moving into everything, including marketing. Garry Murray from IDC will tell us much more about this - what marketing will look like when AI is further integrated in the near future.

Blockchain and the CMO: The Next Era of Marketing
The main reason we are looking forward to this talk is because of this article
What’s a blockchain? And how could it change marketing & advertising?
Everybody is talking about Blockchain and how it is about to change literally everything - also marketing. How does the philosophy apply to marketing, and is it finally evolving from being useless to extremely useful? These are the questions we are hoping Jeremy Epstein will answer tuesday afternoon.

Robert Scoble: The Next Two Clicks of Moore's Law - Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing
This talk right after breakfast wednesday morning could be a game-changer for every business. If you want a glimpse of what the future holds in the next two clicks of Moore’s Law, this talk could really make a difference. We’re looking forward to experiencing what goes on in the R&D labs, startups and innovators around the world, which might look like science fiction, but is really happening tomorrow.

Creating Next Level Customer Experiences: Why Good AI Requires Great IA
This is right up our alley - using data to make better customer experiences. In this talk, Shawn Goodin, Chief Marketing Technology Officer of JP Morgan Chase, dives deep into the machine learning engine to take a look at how data and data architectures drives great game-changing customer experiences.

Boots Punk
Creating Superaudiences: Personalizing the Customer Experience
We love a great case-story, and in this case it’s about how Dr. Martens (you know the iconic boot, yeah?) uses machine learning to create customer profiles and power their marketing tools with what they're learned. This will be great in so many ways, maybe some of us will actually wear our boots that carried us through the many punk concerts in the 90s.

Getting Personal - The Rise of The Personal Data Economy and Me2B Marketing & Business Models
This talk will take us into the new era of marketing: the era of the connected individual, and the Me2B business model. It is always interesting to discover how other experts see the future and how we should adapt.
We are looking forward to experiencing Michael Becker’s thoughts on Big Data and the emerging personal data economy along with people-engagement.

Watch the full agenda, time and place for the talks at the MarTech website - click here ->

We hope you are attending some of the same talks as we are. If you want to have a conversation about the future of digital transformation, personalisation, or how to integrate personal data in your marketing efforts, please drop by.

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