Native Analytics Is a Matter of Trust

January 2nd, 2018 |
Kasper Kjerulff

We are already used to the kinds of “intelligent” experiences that can only exist due to analytics. For instance, when Spotify lists a number of artists that they believe you will enjoy on your release radar and then nails it. Or when Netflix shows you a selection of bingeworthy TV-shows based on your preferences.

This “intelligence” is built upon the respective companies' own advanced analytics systems or, alternatively, native analytics.

Why is There a Need For Native Analytics?

The need for integrated or native analytics is growing because of a general demand for more data-driven digital experiences.


In short, a native analytics system should enable 

  • Trustworthy data from direct user behaviour
  • A close connection between data and elements on your website
  • Displaying key metrics in any way you want
  • A foundation for personalisation and engagement tracking


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Data is the cornerstone of digital transformation, and many businesses are already using this process to reinvent the way they communicate with users.

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The way you connect all your digital services with your data is becoming more critical for digital businesses, and the need to monitor, control, and gather meaning from your own user data is more crucial than ever.

The importance of meaningful and recurring streams of unique data is powering a new movement of integrated data analysis inside the services and platforms used to evolve your business and form your digital strategies - such as Aesir.

Who Do You Trust With Your Data?

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of who you trust your most valuable business advantage: Your data.

Do you trust your data analysis to another company that doesn’t know your company as well as you do?

Do you trust your external solution to be fully integrated with your other systems now and in the future, even after new upgrades?

And are you able to survive should one of your data streams be cut off?

How You Can Benefit From Native Analytics

The benefits of being in control of your own data streams are vast, but some are greater than others. We’ve focused on the  with Aesir Context Marketing.

1: Trustworthy data from direct user behaviour

We don’t rely on APIs or third party web services to deliver the data that drives your business. Because of the importance of data usage, we want to be sure that you get the right data, when you need it.

2: A close connection between data and elements on your website

Since Aesir doesn’t collect data from APIs, you are able to make the use of that data as easily as you want it. You decide how data should be used on your website, which elements should be enriched through user data and when.

3: Displaying key metrics in any way you want

Since every company’s employees are different, the needs and demands of data visualisation also differ. According to Harvard Business Review, one of the keys to gain success with data is to visualise the right data throughout the company in a meaningful way.

The One Metric That Will Help Any Business Grow

Like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon, native analytics are a big part of what makes Aesir Context Marketing a powerful platform.

Beyond basic metrics like the number of visitors, most viewed content and referral statistics, Aesir analytics provide you with something much more useful if you want to grow your sales or nurture your visitors into becoming leads.

Every visitor is tracked and the footsteps they leave behind are monitored and connected to their visitor profile. These footsteps generate a path around your website, leaving you with a lot of knowledge about each visitor’s preferences, needs, habits, and eventually their intentions.

The Value of Your Visitors’ Footsteps

Aesir offers the opportunity to add a predefined value to every footstep your visitor takes around a website. This value is combined into one metric: The engagement level.

E.g. a visitor might only increase their engagement by 1 on a content page, but gain 49 points on the contact page. The two of these combined gives that visitor an engagement level of 50, which leads to exact knowledge about what they are looking for, in this case the contact page.

engagement level

 The footprints of every visitor are gathered and combined into one metric, the engagement level. 

If you combine this engagement level with personalised content modules or CTAs in Aesir, you have the ability to create specific content that targets visitors with a specific engagement level or an engagement level range.


Let’s Look at Some Examples

Engagement level 1-20

The goal here is to get the visitor to learn something about your product or service, adding to their engagement level as they move around the website. CTAs should respond to that with options for reading more, going further, exploring related content, etc.

Engagement level 21-50

The goal here is to get the visitor to establish a deeper connection with your brand and let you into their world. Appropriate CTAs could be newsletter signups or SoMe connections. If your site is tailored for it, you are even able to deliver content to target that specific user’s pain points according to their industry.

Engagement level 50 - 80

The goal is to bring them into the next range, but not before they are ready. Your reputation is at stake in this engagement range. Your visitor knows all about your mission, the benefits of your products, maybe even the specs and the features. Now they want to know if you are just all words and no action.

One way of directing a visitor into the next level could be: Present them with case stories from their own industry and give them a CTA with an offer for a free trial. The next time they visit the website, give them an invitation a to free demo or exclusive webinar. This demo will serve as a step into the final level.

Engagement level 80 - 99

This is usually where the sales department takes over. The visitor is now ready to talk about purchasing a product or service from you, so as soon as engagement hits 80 or above, you can notify your sales staff directly about their status.

It is very unlikely that any visitor enters this range on their very first visit to your website, but as your relations evolve over time, a visitor’s engagement level will eventually enter the final stage if your work in the previous phases has been successful.

The Key is to Combine Knowledge and Data

This is only one example of how to use the native analytics in Aesir to help your business grow. The key to success using native analytics in Aesir is to take a deep and concentrated look at the data detailing your visitors’ footsteps, and connect this data with the knowledge you already have about your target groups.

Aesir provides you with the digital tools to do all this automatically through your website, and you provide the intelligence to support it. The data is already there for you to analyse and make use of, it’s just a matter of how you use it to deliver meaningful and personalised visitor experiences to each and every visitor.

Are you at engagement level 90 yet?

Probably not. That is why we encourage you to take a look at the features of Aesir.

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