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January 8th, 2017 |
Line Pagh

Focus on value

It's Friday night, you are watching a random movie on TV - suddenly the expected commercial break is on - what do you do?

Very few will answer that they pay attention and watch the commercials. Most of us will spend the time on something more constructive, like checking our phone or picking up a new cup of coffee. 

TV commercials, newspapers, radio, and web ads are “interruption marketing”, also called “push marketing”. The message is directed towards you, but whether it works depends on if you receive it and if you fit within  the broad target group. 

We live in a busy world, where searching for information and sorting it has become a necessary and highly valued skill. No one has the time to be interrupted by impersonal information. We use ad-blockers on our computers, watch series on HBO or Netflix, use apps for knowing when TV commercials are over and so on. 

We want relevant and personal information when marketers communicate with us, the time where interruptive marketing was the one and only tool to communicate with the masses has ended years ago.

Now we live in an era where the technology makes it possible for any marketer to send personal and targeted messages like never before. An era where you need to speak directly to every single human being in order to be heard. 

Content Marketing Explained 

With content marketing, the focus lies on “pull marketing”, also called “permission marketing”. We seek to attract visitors by providing them with useful, inspiring and helpful information, the valuable material they feel is actually worth reading and spending time on. 

“Content marketing” is a general term for marketing activities that involve production and sharing of all sorts of content in order to attract and engage defined and recognized, current and potential target groups, in order to create profitable customer relationships. 

The short version: Content marketing is marketing that provides value to your visitors.

Content marketing can be distributed via all kinds of channels, but typically the content comes in the form of articles, videos, templates, entertaining posts, free whitepapers, ebooks, etc.    



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How Can Content Marketing Help Your Business? 

Return on investment. That is what you really want, right?

The time you spend creating content will pay off financially in the end if you make sure that you produce the right content and distribute it through the right channels.  
  • Properly executed content marketing will help you rank better in search engines as well as ensure better ranking on search words.
    Users will be more likely to find their way to your website from their search for information.  
  • If they find what they are looking for, the chance of positive “word of mouth”, social media sharings, Trustpilot reviews etc. can create a ripple effect and lead even more users to your website.
  • Additional content allows you to improve the internal link building, which again will help you rank better in search engines
  • The increased traffic can be converted to customers as most of us are more likely to buy a product or service from companies that are helpful and relevant.
  • Relevant content creates trust in your brand, corporate skills, and expertise.

Another great thing about content marketing is that good content lives long on the web. A well written, relevant article can easily attract visitors for 5 years. Which means 5 years with additional visitors and potential customers. In case the content gets outdated, it should be fairly easy to update or link to a currently relevant article.




Before You Begin

Before you start writing content, you need to create a strategy.

  • Get to know your customers, think about what potential problems they may experience, and which processes they find difficult, then figure out what sort of content that can help solve those challenges.

Once you have identified the challenges and interests of your audience, you’ll be able to work on providing useful, meaningful content.

A few ideas could be:

  • “How to” articles and videos
  • Inspirational articles
  • “Top tools” articles
  • Educational mini e-books
  • Infographics

It’s usually a good idea to supplement the content with specific cases and testimonials that support the content.

Need help with your content marketing? 

We collaborate with several partners who work professionally with content marketing. Our partners can help with everything from technical setups to the conception of content and execution thereof. 

For instance: 

  • Educate and help you get started on working with content marketing
  • Evaluate your setup and structures and introduce you to new methods
  • Create graphical elements, such as illustrations and infographics
  • SEO analysis
  • Copywriting

Are you looking for a modern platform packed with features that allow you to work professionally with content marketing?

Aesir is the answer. Get in touch with one of our partners for a tour of the system.

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