Are You Wasting Money on Generating Meaningless Traffic? Do This Instead

August 24th, 2017 |
Kasper Kjerulff

Are you focusing on personalising your customer journeys in your email or SoMe campaigns? If so, you might be wasting money - here is why

Every marketer knows: The more personal the message, the higher the conversion rate. That oldie never dies, but there seems to be a common understanding that all effort and money should go towards personalised emails, Facebook ads, retargeting, etc. 

Let’s face it, these methods are traffic drivers - personalised, yes, but all they do is drive traffic to the place where the magic happens, your website.

Think of your website as a bucket with a lot of holes in it. The lower your conversion rates are, the more holes are in the bucket. Now, what would you do if you had to carry as much water in that bucket as possible?

- I would find a way to fill the holes, before I poured water in it - wouldn’t you?


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Of course you should drive traffic to your website, and of course you should target your audience with personalised and great content on social media and emais to get them to engage with your brand.

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But if you really want to succeed with your content marketing efforts, you should be looking inwards, at the conversion rates on your website, and focus on how to fill the holes.

Remember, that if you can raise conversion rates from e.g. 2% to 4%, you will double your revenue. That’s double the revenue for the exact same cost of your traffic.

Calculate the ROI on that - it’s through the roof. And even with that, 96% of your visitors have yet to be converted into customers, leaving huge room for improvement. 

The key is personalisation of your website

Personalisation means that you're showing visitors a specific piece of content or CTA according to their behaviour, or certain data sets collected by the website such as industry or referrals. This offers the opportunity to target every visitor personally with very specific and meaningful messages.  

It is without question that this method is both more effective than having static content on your website, simply because people like to be catered personally - just like in a conventional store in the real world. 

The struggle and benefits of personalisation

The transition from a static to a personalised website calls for a change of strategy as you enter the next generation of marketing.

In the modern era, your strategy needs to be entirely user-centric - both internally and externally, and you'll need a rock solid analytics center at the core of your digital platform, to gather and analyse data used in the personalisation process on your website.

Chances are that your current digital platform does not support this natively and you might have to invest in a new one.

Blogpost: The Future of Websites is Personalisation

Having said that, the benefits of investing in a digital platform like Aesir, that supports personalisation are vast. Research shows that by 2018, businesses who invest in all types of personalisation will outsell companies that have not by 20%.

(Source: Gartner 2017)

Are you ready for this? 

Even though the benefits and goals of personalising your website are clear, it’s a hard path to get there if your digital platform doesn’t support the capability to connect real-time user data to your frontend.

Think about it - are you currently able to connect a returning visitor to a personal CTA depending on where they are on their customer journey?

And are you able display uniquely crafted content to a visitor depending on the industry he or she is working in?

This is the the kind of mindset that the next generation of digital platforms will have to support in order to meet the demands for personalisation. The idea is that personalisation will boost online conversion rates to match the ones found in a conventional real world store - that is where digital marketing is heading.  

The question is: Are you ready to meet your clients' demands when they want to take this step in the near future?

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