• Solution type:

    Omnichannel e-commerce & custom booking platform

  • Industry:

    Vehicle inspection

  • Integrations:

    Aesir,Geolocation,Rich text snippets,redSHOP

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The Challenge

Create an easy way to manage 140+ stores across Denmark, smoothen the user experience and make it easier to book appointments.

Streamline the information process between every store, so things like pricing and appointments can be adjusted on the fly.

Implement a revamped web shop to accommodate selling regular products as well as license plates, requiring a specific form and template.

The Solution

An intuitive geolocation  that allows for booking and contact info of the nearest shop, personalised to each user.

A dynamically updating data file adjusts opening/closing hours, pricing, and sales campaigns across every shop in the country.

Custom-made web shop form that supports both regular products as well as unique features like custom license plates.


Applus is Denmark’s largest and oldest vehicle inspection business with over 140 locations. Their focus on effectiveness and professionalism lends them a solid reputation of high quality service.

Constantly updating

With 140 locations across the country, it can be hard to keep track of different opening/closing hours, different prices, or sales campaigns. Using Aesir’s ERP-integration, it’s easy to keep this information up to date using an exportable and importable CSV-file that can be altered and propagated across every store.

Find the right store for you

Every individual store can be reviewed by customers which is then collected by Aesir and aggregated. To display the right reviews, rich text snippets were used to optimise the SEO, which also works in conjunction with the ERP-integration to keep Google search results up to date. Combined with geolocation, customers can now find the right service station and make the necessary appointments using only a few clicks. Find a store near you

Fully customisable web shop

Aesir provides a fully featured and integrated web shop, making it easy for customers to buy essential road gear. The selling of license plates required a custom flow in the product templates, sending information to a specific store and allowing for pickup of the license plates at a later date. The goal was to make the process as smooth and easy as possible to promote higher conversation rates through a better user experience. Discover what Aesir is capable of

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